I'm Macaroon Style, just a girl who likes to blog a lot about fashion, a girl who loves to talk a lot, a total geek for life and a girl who is extremely crazy!

Yeah... I'm 'THAT' girl. Just kidding I'm 110% unique!

My favourite colour is yellow, I love macarons (YES I KNOW THAT MY BLOG IS ACTUALLY CALLED MACAROON STYLE WITH THE EXTRA 'O' BUT WHO REALLY CARES), I'm from the UK, and my favourite animal is a kitten (THEY'RE SO ADORABLE)!

I got inspired to do blogging after watching my sister do THREE blogs! I didn't know how hard it was at the time! My sister runs three blogs that you must check out after all her time and effort!




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Well now you know about me!

Hope this helped you out!

Macaroon Style


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