Sunday, 1 September 2013

I Got Nominated For A Liebster Award!

Macaroon Style in da' house!

As you can tell by the title, this post is going to be slightly different than my normal posts! I got nominated for a Liebster Award!

A Liebster Award is meant to help promote small blogs/new blogs with 200 followers or less! It sends new people to new blogs, that they might have never known about! Liebster is German and it means sweet or dear and can be used as a noun of adjective! I'm really happy about this award!
I was nominated by my sister Dreaming Up DIY's! Be sure to stop by her blog!

Liebster Award Rules:

If you get nominated you must:
  • Tell your readers eleven things about you!
  • Answer the eleven questions the blogger who tagged you created!
  • Create eleven new questions of your own for those you nominate to answer!
  • Nominate eleven other bloggers who have 200 followers or less and then tell them they're nominated!
My ELEVEN Facts About Myself:
  1. I have an older sister and she has three blogs! Her blogs are Outfit Daze, Dreaming Up DIY's and Style Aurora! Yes we are full sisters!
  2. I love the colour YELLOW!
  3. I love swimming!
  4. I think geek glasses are adorable!
  5. I can do the splits and I can crack my right ankle!
  6. I LOVE mascara!
  7. When I'm around classmates, strangers or teachers I'm quiet, innocent and I shy, but when I'm with my friends and family, I talk to much and I'm EXTREMELY loud!!
  8. I could take bath ALL day!
  9. I like to try new foods and I don't really dislike any food!
  10. I'm from the UK!
  11. I love blogging! That sounds so cliche... But I really do!
My Answers To My Sisters Questions:
  1. Favourite scent? Anything sweet, fruity or floral!
  2. Pet peeve? Shoes that you wear for the first time and they hurt your feet! Argh, I hate that!
  3. Favourite blogs to read of all time? I love to read Elle's Blog - Dreaming In Blush, Michelle's Blog - Michelle Phan, Blair's Blog - Crushing In Chic and Evelina's Blog - Evelina's Fashion Cafe'! We mustn't forget my sisters blog Dreaming Up DIY'sStyle AuroraOutfit Daze!
  4. Favourite thing about blogging? Everything! I love writing the posts, replying to comments, designing the layount and socializing with everyone!
  5. Gold or silver? Gold
  6. Favourite food? Sushi! I think I could eat it all day!
  7. Favourite childhood memory? Going to play at my friends houses!
  8. If you could visit any place, where would it be? Paris!
  9. Go to lipstick? Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in Shade 01
  10. You're stuck on a island with food, and your family, what three items would you bring? My laptop (hope that there's WiFi), lip balm, bikini (hope there's a place to go swimming) 
  11. Favourite season? Summer!
The ELEVEN bloggers I nominate are:

I hope that they have 200 or less followers because it's hard to tell since they all have a lot of different ways that readers can follow them by!


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