Friday, 23 August 2013

Outfit VS Outfit: Dazzle Me VS Sky Blue!

Macaroon Style in da' house!

Today I decided that I'm going to start a little series called Outfit VS Outfit and it's going to be on EVERY FRIDAY! Now I'm going to quickly explain what Outfit VS Outfit is about, basically I create two different outfits and at the end of each Outfit VS Outfit post, I'll put my opinion at the bottom!

Feel free to comment below YOUR opinion!

To be honest I LOVE both of them, but I can only choose ONE, so I'm going to pick Dazzle Me! That's just my personal opinion, sorry to those people who chose Sky Blue, but just rememeber that EVERY FRIDAY I'm doing Outfit VS Outfit, so fingers crossed that I'll choose your fav!

Hope ya'll like it!


Macaroon Style


P.S: Sorry for not linking any of the items I totally forgot!

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